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    Larry A. Bonorato is a highly accomplished and influential leader, author, and professional trainer. He is well respected and known for his expertise in business, marketing, team building, and leadership. His achievements position him as a leading authority, making him a valuable resource for individuals seeking inspiration and guidance in their professional lives.

    Throughout his career Larry has excelled in various high-level positions including executive management and directorships. His exceptional level of success is a testament to his unwavering work ethic, strategic acumen, and disciplined ability to inspire and motivate others. Under his leadership his teams consistently outperformed expectations, achieving unprecedented levels of growth and profitability.

    Recognizing the positive impact that his successes and insights could have on others, Larry decided to share his winning processes through his book “WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME.” In this leadership and team building guide, Larry has created both inspirational and practical strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs, business and organizational leaders, and for individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Through the pages of his book, Larry shares practical, step-by-step methods on building and motivating individuals and teams, effective leadership techniques, instilling winning mindsets, developing forecasts and action plans to achieve your goals, inventory control, marketing, conflict resolution, and so much more.

    To further assist his clients and followers to create the best versions of themselves, Larry publishes a twice weekly informational and motivational newsletter, “The LarryonLearning Morning Minute!” These short and timely messages explore opportunities for personal and team improvement, share short stories with pertinent examples of people overcoming difficult situations, while sharing current opportunities to help readers understand and clarify problems and solutions.

    Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, and sharing his helpful insights, Larry continues to inspire others, as he helps them realize their full potential by mentoring individuals, training teams, and sharing worthwhile ideas and strategies through his writings.

    Larry resides with his wife, Judy, in Savannah, Georgia.

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