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Week of 11/6/23

Morning Minute: 11/03/23

“What Are We Doing To Our Children?” (Part 2)

Part 1 shared the results.

Now, let’s examine what causes those results.

HISTORY:  We have raised 4 generations since the Great Depression and WW2; 3 since Vietnam and the end of racial segregation; 2 since the collapse of the USSR, the invention of cell phones and the Internet; and 1 generation after the attack on September 11th. Most people view history through what has happened during their lifetimes. By not studying nor understanding past struggles and triumphs, young people make decisions based on false or misleading information.

PARENTS:  Children’s first teachers are their parents. Girls learn from their Mothers, and boys from their Fathers, how to become responsible mothers and fathers. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, and the large percentage of single parent households, children are deprived of being mentored by both a mother and a father.  

Children learn best from the example set by their parents. Last evening, at a football game, we witnessed parents screaming at their boys to punch and kick the opposing team members during the game. Many kids are being taught to disrespect adults and each other. By encouraging or accepting bad behavior, and not requiring obedience, parents raise disrespectful, irresponsible children. This poor example leads to harmful behavioral, even violence.

EDUCATION:  Years ago, local schools became increasingly controlled by our national government. The stated purpose was to ensure that no student suffered a poor education due to a lack of money. Then the federal government began requiring the teaching of revisionist history, common core, and gender studies, or schools would lose their federal funding.

At the same time our universities hired professors who despised the United States and/or loved communism. Because they were tenured they could not be fired. Many of the teachers trained by these radicals, adopted their anti-American views. Those teachers are now tenured, teaching our children in elementary, middle, and high schools.

These same universities accept students from countries where their government pays these student’s expenses upfront in full. These foreign students, instead of learning our culture, are influencing our children to support their anti-American ideals and preferences.     

GOVERNMENT/SOCIETY:  We’ve decriminalized marijuana, leading to rampant use by teens. Our movies, music, and videos encourage drug use. Where once these activities were prohibited, many are now legal. Legislatures passed laws that encourage lawlessness, while failing to support police. By eliminating arrests for looting, they encourage more destructive, unlawful behavior by gangs of teens.

(In part 3 of this series, we will discuss solutions.)  

“What ARE We Doing To Our Children?”

That is today’s Morning Minute!

Morning Minute: 11/10/23 What Are We Doing to Our Children?" Part 3

Morning Minute: 11/10/23

“What Are We Doing To Our Children?” (Part 3 of a 5 part series))

Dangerous times require drastic actions!

The average life span of great countries is @ 250 years. The 8 steps taken to build countries up, and to destroy them, are shown below from a recent article by Mark Lewis in Townhall.  

1.    from Bondage to Spiritual Faith

2.    from Spiritual Faith to Great Courage

3.    from Great Courage to Liberty

4.    from Liberty to Abundance

5.    from Abundance to Selfishness

6.    from Selfishness to Apathy

7.    from Apathy to Dependance

8.    from Dependance back to Bondage

Ask yourself: “Which step are we on right now?”

As we facilitate our return to greatness, some drastic actions are required. Today we discuss how a National Renewal and renewed Family Life will start us on the right track.

RENEWAL:  A National Spiritual Revival is required for positive change. God was present as we formed this country. He is needed even more now. Over and again, God has saved us through every event where we turn to Him for guidance. He is always here, showing us right from wrong. In the Holy Bible, He continues to teach us how to live, how to work, how to take care of each other, and how to ask Him to work through us to solve our problems. We cannot solve these problems on our own.

FAMILY LIFE: Our current culture discourages long-term family relationships and parental responsibility. A family consists of a Father, Mother, and children. Children in traditional family settings have the advantage and example of both parents to guide them and a greater chance of becoming responsible adults. Here are some positive steps for improvement.

Discontinue having the government replacing fathers in the family. Instead of paying mothers to have more children outside of marriage, use those funds to encourage families with both parents to have more children. If both parents are present in the marriage, pay them $10,000 when the baby is born, $10,000 when the child enters the first grade, $10,000 when the child finishes middle school, and $10,000 when the child graduates from high school. Payments will only be made to families when the mother and father are married and still together. This encourages parents to work together for the benefit of the children while reducing the expense of raising them.

Make parents legally liable for the actions of their children up to age 18. Apply civil and/or monetary penalties on the parents for children who break laws, cause disturbances in school, or use illegal drugs. Enforce stiff monetary penalties for the use and/or possession of illegal drugs by parents. These steps will encourage both parents and children to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

In Part 4, we will discuss the changes required in EDUCATION.

That is today’s Morning Minute.