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Week of 10/17/22

Morning Minute 10/17/22; Using Nature for Team Building

(10/17/22) Morning Minute:

“I don’t know what to do!”

The young restaurant manager was totally stressed out!

The kitchen team was not working together. This created problems getting orders out correctly and on time. The cooks ran out of prep items, increasing preparation time. The dining room staff was upset because guests were waiting too long for their food. Their tips shrank due to these delays. The cooks complained that prepared meals were not delivered to guests quickly enough.

The manager called his boss, venting his frustrations. His boss invited him over tomorrow for an afternoon chat. They sat down in his backyard.

His boss said, “Look closely at that ant bed. Tell me what you see.” The manager stated, “Some of the ants are building the ant hill. Some are taking food underground. Others are attacking a beetle.” The boss asked, “Where is the Queen?” The manager said he assumed she was in the nest.  

His boss then told him to observe a squirrel as it scampered around. “What do you see?” asked the boss. He said, “The squirrel is gathering nuts and berries, taking them to a nest high in a tree. The squirrel is repeating this over and over again.” Then he stated, “I just don’t see the relevance.”

His boss shared that each ant had a job to do for the nest to survive. Those killing the beetle and carrying the food knew that if they failed, the ants would starve. Those building the hill knew it was needed to protect the bed. The Queen did her part by laying eggs. Each ant had a job. Each ant did their job.

He continued, “The squirrel knows there is lots of food now, but there will be none this Winter if he doesn’t store enough in his nest. He knows that during Winter he needs to locate where he will search for food next Summer. Thus, he is thinking of Summer all Winter, and of Winter all Summer.” He asked the manager, “How does this help you solve your problems?”

The young manager stammered, “Like the ants, I need each team member to understand how their job affects

every other team member’s job. Like the squirrel, each needs to be trained how to do their job. Taken together, what must be prepared in advance makes the entire team ready to serve our customers, eliminating delays. Each person must do their job. And, like the Queen, I am responsible for the success of our team.” The boss smiled, knowing that his manager now knew and understood what he must do to correct his problems and relieve his stress.

And that is today’s Morning Minute!

Morning Minute 10/19/22: Take the Curse off the Call

The ringing phone broke her concentration!

Nicole just found the solution to a nagging problem she had been struggling with. Simultaneously, her timer reminded her she had to pick up one of her children. Working from home, she was juggling work and family issues. Then the phone rang, interrupting everything she was dealing with.   

When Nicole answered there was a 7 second delay. The voice then asked to speak to Nicole. Immediately the salesperson started his sales pitch. She stated “Not interested,” and hung up. She had previously replied to an ad for this service. She wanted more information. But she hung up after just a few seconds. What happened?

The salesperson lost the opportunity to help Nicole get what she wanted. His phone process was unprofessional and ineffective. Let’s examine where the ball was dropped:

1.    First, after the person says, “Hello,” there cannot be a 7 second delay for the salesperson to speak. That delay shows a disrespect of the person’s time.

2.  Second, when someone answers the phone, you quickly and pleasantly identify who you are and who you represent. For instance, “Good morning, this is Larry from ABC company.” That way the person being called knows your name and whom you represent.

3.  Third, now that you have identified yourself, then ask for the person you need to speak with.

4.    Fourth, take the curse off of the call. For instance, “Nicole, you indicated an interest in our service recently. Do you have a few minutes now for me to answer your questions and to discuss your options?” This is asking for Nicole’s permission to continue.

She will answer with one of three responses:

·         She answers, “Yes.” You have been given permission to continue the call and you know you have her attention.

·         She answers, “No.” You do not have permission to proceed. Apologize for your interruption and secure a later time to call back.

·         She answers, “What’s this all about?” You just received permission to continue the call to help Nicole to get the service she requested.

Being polite, using good manners, and using this call process creates a comfortable start for your call. That, in turn, generates a greater opportunity for you to assist your prospect to set an appointment and/or buy your product or service. 

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.