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Morning Minute 5/31/24

“Where ARE the Good People to Hire?” (part 1)

Does it seem that there are no quality people available to hire?

Let’s examine some ways to locate and attract the right candidates for your team.

1st: Update the job descriptions for the people you need. My friend, Dave Anderson, shares; “You hire for attitude and train for skills.” Based on your job description, what attitude and traits should an applicant possess? Are you prepared to train your new hires for the skills required for success? Using your job description, coupled with continuous training, you can attract quality people from both your industry and others.

2nd: Inasmuch as the best people are already working, where are the people for this position? The people you want may be in a non-related industry. For instance, in searching for prospective salespeople, I would look for teachers, and/or food service professionals. Successful people in those jobs must possess a servant attitude, be able to multi-task, and have the stamina and temperament to work long hours. When searching for a person who works most of the day on the phone, I would call them unannounced to both hear their voice, and to see how they handled incoming calls.

3rd: Answer this: “Are you searching for people with lots of experience, or lots of success?” For instance, I recall an instance where someone was hired to run a company who had 20+ years of experience, but with limited success. That individual was replaced in less than a year due to his inability to build a successful team. Successful people are driven to succeed. So: Hire for success instead of experience.”

4th: Do you want people who can multi-task? Who can handle multiple jobs better than mothers with young children? They work their job, handle the household chores, pay the bills, do the family shopping, make all the healthcare decisions for the family, plan and serve the meals. Plus, they have the stamina to keep going, handling these multiple tasks successfully. If you miss out on hiring a young mother, thinking they may miss work often with childcare issues, you may miss a great multi-tasker.

5th: Great teams, whose team members enjoy their work and each other, want to ensure that new hires fit in quickly, while contributing to the team’s success. Do you have a program encouraging team members to help you recruit? When hiring someone they recommend, after the new person reaches their 6 month anniversary, award the person who referred them with cash, a gift card, or a family outing to a theme park.

6th: Both leaders and team members can be rated on scale of 1 – 10. Those leaders who are 5’s or 6’s, will have a difficult time attracting people who are 8’s and 9’s. With that in mind, choose wisely those whom you want to lead your team. Average leaders attract average team members. Great leaders attract great team members!

Finally, by changing how you search for new team members, clarifying what attitudes and attributes best match your job descriptions, and updating where you search, you will find better applicants. Plus, you will have a better opportunity to hire them.

(In part 2, you will learn terrific interview questions and great onboarding methods.)

Where ARE the Good People to Hire?

That is today’s Morning Minute!