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Week of 11/28/22

11/28/22 Do You Need a Roadmap?

“Do you need a roadmap?”

Recently, I discovered a chalk map drawn by some 4th grade girls on a sidewalk. The map started at the garage of one house, zigzagged down their driveway onto the sidewalk, and stretched down in front of the house next door, ending with a trophy at the end to designate their goal. This chalk road included curves and straightaways, a river to cross, and a mountain to climb. Along the way to the trophy, they had to jump, kick, skip, punch, and climb. This map had a clear starting point, key goals along the way, activities to be accomplished, plus the trophy for those who completed the journey. It was amazing!

This simple map, drawn in chalk on a sidewalk, triggered several questions about the need for a roadmap. First, do you know exactly where you are currently? Many leaders start out to achieve a goal, but cannot identify their current situation (where they are). Secondly, do you have a clear picture of where you want to go? Again, many leaders cannot clearly see what their success looks like (where you want to go). Every map has both a starting point, and an ending point. You cannot chart a course of action (road map) unless both points are clearly seen by all involved.

Armed with that clear vision, you now need to decide what steps will be involved to reach your goal. Like the girl’s chalk map, you need to determine the smaller tasks to be completed in order to accomplish your goal. Write them down, put them in order, and set a time for completion of each task. Breaking your larger journey into smaller tasks not only keeps your team on track, it provides them a with sense of accomplishment at each milestone. These smaller wins create the motivation to keep pushing toward the final goal.

Next, determine the staffing, the training, the tools, and the processes that will be required. A team without the necessary skills cannot do their jobs. A trained team without the proper tools, cannot complete their tasks. A trained team with the proper tools, cannot complete their mission without processes designed to utilize their skills and equipment. As the leader, you must organize your people, their skills, their tools, and their processes to achieve success. Like that sidewalk roadmap, your plan must have a beginning and an end and be clear to everyone involved.  

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 11/30/22: Who will you impact today?

(11/30/22) Morning Minute:

“Who will you impact today?”

One of the primary reasons that individuals create content, using it to teach clients, is to help others improve their lives. This feeling was underscored for me by several recent events.

A subscriber from California shared with me that she was impacted positively by our recent post concerning the Serenity Prayer. She wrote: “I really needed this right now…I am a big believer that God works in wonderful ways!”

Another subscriber who works with auto dealers shared this story. He was asked to speak to a dealer group in another city for free. He paid for his own plane ticket and lodging. After his enthusiastic address, the owner shared with him some encouraging words. Then, he was handed a nice check…that he was not expecting. Three years later this dealer group has become his biggest client.    

Today, walking into a grocery store, I bumped into a long time client. We shared information about our families. Then, totally unprompted, he told me how much he and his wife appreciated the stories and ideas that we provide through our Morning Minutes. He shared how important it is for this information to get out to younger folks since it is not being taught in schools.

These three stories, are not meant to create any illusion of how great I am. They have been listed here to illustrate how each of us can create better citizens and future leaders by helping others improve their lives. This is true of parents and grandparents, workers and managers, mentors and teachers, family members and team members…everyone we interact with each day. We will probably never know how many people we influence positively or negatively.

Now, take a moment to think about all the others that you interact with each day. This also includes chance encounters with people you do not know and will probably never see again. You have the power to brighten or darken their day. Plus, through your words and actions, you have the responsibility to be an example of what they could or should be.

Two final thoughts.

First, a quote from Malcolm Forbes. “The true measure of a man is how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

Second, a message to me from Dave Anderson, who has been a mentor to me for many years. As I wrote my book and started my coaching business, he told me to go enjoy changing people’s lives.

And so, I ask you: “Who will you impact today?”

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute: 12/2/22; Why don't they remember me?

(12/01/22) Morning Minute:

“Why don’t they remember me?”

Dwayne is a successful automobile salesperson. He sold Mr. Ledbetter a new car 6 months ago. Mr. Ledbetter brought his daughter in today to buy a car and didn’t ask for Dwayne.

Lucy is a successful real estate salesperson. She sold the Boyd’s a house 6 months ago. The Boyd’s next door neighbor just listed their house for sale with different realtor. The house sold in 3 days.

Angela is a successful appliance salesperson. She sold Ben and Marissa a new washer and dryer 6 months ago. They just came to the same store and bought a new refrigerator and didn’t ask for Angela.

Dwayne and Angela were upset that the customers to whom they provided great service when they bought 6 months ago, did not think of them when they needed a new product. Lucy was upset that the Boyd’s forgot about her when their neighbor sold their house. Each asked,“Why don’t they remember me?” The real question is, “Why don’t you remember them?”

True sale professionals recognize that the easiest sales made are to repeat clients or referrals from clients. After all, they trusted you enough to buy from you once. Then, you forgot about them. Oh, you sent them a thank you letter, an email, and made one follow up phone call. Then you lost them with no further contact. Your clients were left feeling that all you wanted was make a sale. Then you forgot them. So, they forgot you. And, it was your fault.

Using the electronic tools available today, there are endless opportunities to keep your name in front of your clients. Send a once-a-month email to keep them abreast of upcoming sales, maintenance requirements, or different products available to enhance their ownership experience. Post a picture of your clients getting their new products or new home on social media. Use text, email, and social media like Facebook to help them remember you when a friend, co-worker, or family member needs what you are selling. Post pictures and videos of new products on social media. Call them 3 times a year just to check up on them, wish them a happy birthday, anniversary, or holiday.  The ways to stay in touch are endless.

In conclusion:

A salesperson wants to make a sale.

A sales professional wants to create a relationship while making a sale.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.