Week of 5/20/24

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Morning Minute 5/21/24

“Why America Matters!” (Part 2)

What is so exceptional @ The United States of America?

America is an aspirational country.

To aspire is to strive for something better. Aspiration is people working together toward a goal that benefits themselves and others.

Parents aspire to create a better life and more opportunity for their children. Teachers aspire to help children to become responsible adults. Business owners aspire to create companies serving more people, as they create more opportunity for themselves and others.    

People come to America because they aspire to be a part of something good, that is greater than they are, that benefits both themselves and others. They are not held back by government as they aspire to do more, achieve more, and earn more. This is the very heart of American exceptionalism!

In America, it is our individual freedom to make “our own decisions” that is exceptional. That freedom also requires us to bear responsibility for our mistakes. We are free to try and fail, to try and succeed, to change courses, to try again, to fail again, and to succeed again. That aspirational freedom makes us exceptional!

Think of it this way. As individuals, we have the freedom of mobility to choose where and how to live. We have occupational freedom allowing us to choose a career, and to change our careers. We have educational freedom allowing us to make our own decisions about what, how, and where we learn. We have economic freedom to choose a safe career, or to pursue a more uncertain field with greater rewards. The key is that we have the individual freedom to choose our own way.

American exceptionalism was designed by our founders and enshrined in our Constitution. Our Constitution states that our freedoms come from God, not from government! As such, those freedoms, granted to us by God, cannot be taken away by government. That same Constitution, in order to prevent tyranny, limits the power of our government. No other country on earth has made the choice to limit government, while protecting the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy.

So what is “American exceptionalism?” It is the individual freedom to make our own choices. Those choices may benefit us and our families. And that freedom requires us to be responsible for the results those choices create. It lays the foundation for citizens to aspire to be more, do more, and earn more. And, it provides limits on the power of government.  

We are now at a crossroads. Do we embrace and protect the opportunities created by American Exceptionalism? Do we continue to be an aspirational nation; that “Shining City on a Hill,” as described by President Ronald Reagan? Or, do we ignore what has made us exceptional, and become a country, and a people, who tried and failed to benefit the rest of humanity?

“Why Does America Matter?”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 5/24/24 Celebrating Memorial Day 2024

Morning Minute 5/24/24

“Celebrating Memorial Day, 2024!”

This year has brought me 3 surprises.

Left eye surgery in January. Right eye surgery in February. Skin cancer removals in May.

Recently, while viewing stories of our veterans who suffered catastrophic injuries in war, it made me consider how minor my ailments really were.

These heroes have suffered traumatic brain injuries, the loss of multiple limbs, and dozens of surgeries just to live. Their lives were changed forever. Many of them will require special accommodations and medical treatments for the rest of their lives.

Understanding the dangers, these beautiful people were willing to sacrifice their lives for us. And, to a person, they consider it an honor to serve in the military.

The families of these wounded warriors, and those veterans who died, have had their lives changes forever. It is not just the people who died or were injured who need help. Their families need our assistance as well.

On Memorial Day each year, we honor those killed or wounded in service to our country. This year, lets augment that honor with action. In too many wars, those who were injured or killed, and their families, were ignored or forgotten. There are multiple ways for us to help.

1st: We can financially support several noteworthy organizations whose stated purpose is to assist those injured veterans and their families.

The VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars, has as its purpose to speed the rehabilitation of the nation’s disabled and needy veterans, assist the veteran’s widows, orphans, and dependents, and to promote American patriotism in education.  VFW.

The T2T, Tunnel-to-Towers foundation, has its purpose helping America’s heroes by providing mortgage free homes to Gold Star and fallen 1st responders with young children. Plus, building “smart homes” for catastrophically injured veterans and 1st responders. As well as working to end veteran homelessness.   

The WWP, Wounded Warrior Project, provides long-term care and support for life-altering injuries impacting veterans. They provide health, physical, and financial programs for veterans, plus support groups to aid in their transition to civilian life. WWP.

2nd: Contact your Representatives and Senators, pushing them to clean up the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Insist these people reform the VA to ensure that veterans’ healthcare appointments are scheduled within a few days of when requested, to meet the demand for mental health and other services, and to provide an adequate number of health care facilities and personnel.  

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, enjoy your celebrations. And remember to support those organizations who support our veterans.

“Celebrating Memorial Day, 2024!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.