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Week of 10/3/22

Morning Minute 10/3/22

There is an old saying that regardless of how great a battle plan you have, your enemy gets a vote. Because they will change their actions in order to block what you are doing, you must adapt and overcome.

Adaptability is a process that has propelled America to create the most envied standard of living in the world. Our ability to question the status quo, to innovate, and to correct our mistakes keeps us constantly moving forward. Let’s examine some areas where obstacles, created by competitors, created opportunities for success.

Amazon started as an online used book store. When competitors threatened, they adapted to meet the competition, becoming the world’s largest online marketplace. McDonalds had market dominance in fast food, but was challenged with new menu items and special-order availability from Burger King. They adapted their limited menu to include more burger items, chicken, and breakfast to retain their first-place status. Ford helped create the automobile. To meet challenges from other auto makers he invented the moving assembly line which kept manufacturing costs low so they could sell more affordable cars. All these examples show that by adapting to challenges from competitors, these companies thrived.

Sports teams are very familiar with how their opponents get a vote. Games are won by adapting to changes in personnel and tactics by opposing teams. Basketball was created by adapting off season football player training from weight lifting to additional athletic competition, to keeping them in shape. When taller players began dominating the game, it adapted, creating a great equalizer…the 3-point shot. Football is the ultimate adaptation based on formations, the forward pass, the no-huddle offense, and the run-pass (RPO) option. Offenses and defenses constantly adapt during games to take advantage of what their opponents are doing.  

Wars are won or lost by armed forces who adapt their strategies and tactics to defeat the enemy. Families will adapt their activities based on new jobs, new opportunities like time saving products, new births, deaths, or the special needs of family members. Farmers are producing more and better crops and livestock by adapting to new equipment and processes.

Here in America, let’s not lose our competitive edge by failing to adapt, so we may always overcome our competitors. Our founders never quit and neither will we. Let us continue to use our intelligence, our adaptability, and our trust in God, knowing that when we do, we will always leave a better America for those who come after us.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.

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Morning Minute 10/5/22

(10/5/22) Morning Minute:

Adaptability…(part 2)

Let’s examine another arena of adaptability…education.

Education begins at birth. The first most important teachers, are the child’s parents. They teach what is, and is not, acceptable behavior. As they adapt to their new life, young children learn speech, habits, and routines from their parents.

Formal education has several goals. It should be designed to support their parental instruction while assisting the student to learn the skills necessary to achieve successful outcomes. Quality education teaches students how to adapt to different roles and responsibilities as they progress in school and grow into adults.

Let’s look at required skills of a quality education.

   1. Speaking: This skill is a necessary requirement for students to be able to effectively communicate with others. They must learn how to take a thought, and, by using the spoken word, convey that thought to others.

  1. 2. Reading: This skill is necessary to increase their understanding of their environment. Videos and television, because they are subject to time constraints, only go skin deep. The written word not only introduces them to different subjects. It provides the tools for them to understand the who, what, why, and how of the information they are reading.

3. 3. Understanding: Critical thinking teaches the student to question what they are being taught to determine its relevance to a subject, person, or event. Having the student examine the motives and background of the person or group sharing the information, will enhance their ability to understand the benefits of the information that they see, hear, or read.

4. 4. Writing: Being able to communicate with the written word is critical to being understood. Written communication is not just pen and paper. It includes the effective sharing of information and ideas using electronic tools as well.

The desired goals of a quality education include:

1.  How to be adults who are responsible for themselves and others. This affects their decision making, and the outcomes of those decisions. It also includes their participation in their government with informed voting.

2. How to earn a living. As they are exposed to many different roles, they must decide how they will support themselves and how they will adapt their actions to achieve their desired results.

3. How to be happy. Happiness is not derived from things. Relationships, purpose, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging create happiness.

As adults, we will need continuing education to successfully adapt to our changing goals.

And that is today’s Morning Minute.

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Morning Minute 10/7/22 Non-Traditional Recruiting

(10/7/22) Morning Minute:

“I can’t find anyone who wants to work these days!”

Yeah, it’s tough recruiting good team members who truly want to work. Much less, attracting people who have the drive to get ahead. That sentiment has been shared with me a dozen times in the last 2 weeks. So, let’s look at some non-traditional ways to add to your current team.

1.   1. Think about all the places where you do business: the grocery store, drug store, dry cleaners, restaurants, retail shops. There are good people in all these facilities. When you find a good prospect, introduce yourself, and invite them in for an interview.

2.    2. If you work remotely, and you talk with a customer service rep or supplier who impresses you on the phone, invite them for a Zoom interview. Quality team members with great phone skills are very hard to find.

3. 3. Your service club, union, church, industry group, any organization to which you belong or are invited, has many members who want to advance their careers. Plus, those members know many other people. Ask around. You may be pleasantly surprised.

4.  4.  You have good team members who will help you recruit. If you hire someone they bring in, pay the referring employee a graduated bonus: $250 if the new person stays 6 months, $250 at 9 months, $500 at 1 year. This keeps your team engaged in recruiting and retaining quality candidates.

5. 5.  Most of your competitors have websites that list their team members. Spend some time searching for people who are currently doing the job you need to fill. A well-timed contact may yield great results.

6. 6.  Most high schools and trade schools have students being trained in the roles that you need. Talk to their counselors about the opportunity for part time work, apprenticeships, or referrals prior to their graduation.

7. 7.. Your state employment service usually has many qualified military retirees ready for a new career.

8. 8.  Your customers may know of qualified candidates who are seeking new careers.

9.  9.  Your family members may know of someone who would be a good candidate.

These are just a few non-traditional sources to find team members. And, don’t be afraid to brainstorm the issue with your current staff.

In the 1970’s, the same statements were made about no one wanting to work. Yet, we staffed our stores and offices and created great companies. Be creative! And, remember:

“Education, without ACTION, is just Entertainment!”

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.