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Week of 4/08/24

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Morning Minute 4/09/24:

“Need a Winning Strategy for Your Team?”

“Winning is not just a goal. It is the culmination of the execution of a good plan.”

Studying great leaders reveals 5 key steps to achieving long term success.


Each of these steps plays a crucial role in ensuring success, that is sustainable over the long haul.

1st RESPONSIBILITY: In successful organizations, new team members are given an orientation, that shows how each person’s role effects other team members ability to perform. They learn quickly how that doing their job properly, and on time, allows others to do their jobs properly, and on time. Taking responsibility for their actions, and their decisions, creates ownership of their outcomes, and the success of the team.

2nd RESILIENCE: This is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. These may include a mechanical failure, their own mistakes or those of others, or not taking advantage of opportunities, created by evolving circumstances or events. Having resilience keeps the team moving forward, so the desired outcome is achieved, for both the team and for each team member.

3rd REWARD: By celebrating success, a team creates more success. “Winning is not just a goal. It is the culmination of the execution of a good plan.” By rewarding good performance, people feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, that they want to repeat. Rewards can take many forms, from a simple, Well done,” from the leader, to a massive team celebration. Acknowledging and celebrating success, creates even more success. 

4th REVIEW: Constantly reviewing progress and performance, reveals both successes and opportunities for improvement. By reflecting on both actions and outcomes, we can make any required adjustments. This review may also reinforce the reasoning for what we do, and for why we do it. Having as many people as possible participate in the review, allows all to learn from mistakes and accomplishments. This creates a sense of ownership for the team’s success. And, their responsibility for team failures.

5th REPEAT: This is the final step in the process of achieving lasting success. We create our success cycle by repeating the steps, of Responsibility, Resilience, Reward, and Review. Consistently following this process, we create a sustainable success path, built on a solid foundation of hard work and perseverance through trials. Plus, we create a method for continuous improvement, to ensure long lasting success for the team, and the team members.  

In conclusion, the steps of Responsibility, Resilience, Reward, Review, and Repeat, are essential for creating long lasting success, for you and your team. By following these steps, you can overcome challenges, stay focused on your goals, and ultimately attain that sustainable, long lasting success that you desire.

“Need a Winning Strategy for Your Team?”

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That is today’s Morning Minute!

Morning Minute: Who Benefits From Family Activities>

Morning Minute 4/12/24:

“Who Benefits From Family Activities?”

Recently, after our weekly bible study, Judy and I had the opportunity to catch the last 3 innings of a 10U baseball game. We came away with several observations.

The team’s head coach understood that his job was to teach boys how to succeed together, playing as a team. Plus, how to be accountable for their own performance. And why both teamwork and accountability were important life skills.

After winning 10-1, his players congratulated the other team for their efforts. This was a lesson in how to win graciously without degrading the other team. That is the very essence of sportsmanship.

After the game, this head coach awarded the game ball to the catcher. He was doing a job no one else wanted, chasing wild pitches, being hit repeatedly, and enduring the criticism of parents and fans. This young man hails from a family for whom English is their 2nd language. When he received the game ball, both his face, and his father’s, lit up the field. The catcher was learning how that performing well, in difficult circumstances, leads to winning. His Dad was learning the benefits both he and his son received from their shared experience.

In the dugout was an 8th grade boy. He was helping his 3rd grade brother to stay focused in order to understand the many situations during the game. The older boy not only helped his brother, he assisted in getting the team ready to play, and showing them how to use their equipment. He was learning how to coach.

The father of those 2 boys was coaching 1st base. His job was to help batters get on base, tell them when, and when not, to run. He received his instructions from the head coach at 3rd base. He was learning how to motivate and coach young boys. These lessons would help him be more effective as a father and a business owner.

The mother and older teenage sister of those 2 boys were in attendance.. This family support not only encouraged the boy who was playing. It showed gratitude and appreciation for the 8th grader helping in the dugout. Plus, their support for the father who was coaching 1st base. This was a total family win!

This experience provided some important life lessons. The personal responsibility to always do your best. How teamwork, execution, and attention to detail leads to winning. That sportsmanship can lead to lifelong friendships and associations.

It displayed the importance of children supporting their other siblings. How family support is critical to children’s success. That parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. And how that a family that participates together… stays together!

Including sports, there are many activities that teach children how to be disciplined, how to win, and how to overcome setbacks. There is music, art, and performing, There are trades like welding, cooking, painting, and mechanics. Be aware that what you enjoy, may not be what they enjoy. And, how their interests will change over time.

Remember this! Having well adjusted, responsible adults, starts with the training, support, and experiences they have as children!

“Who Benefits From Family Activities?”  


That is today’s Morning Minute!