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Week of 4/22/24

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Morning Minute 4/23/24:

“If Not You…Then, Who?”

That IS the real question!

In the movie “Midway,” Ray Spruance was visiting Admiral Halsey in the hospital. As Halsey was unavailable for active duty, he recommended Spruance, his cruiser commander, to take command of his 3 aircraft carriers. When Spruance asked Halsey if his ailment had affected his judgement, Halsey shared (paraphrasing), “Ray, when given the job to Lead, Lead!”

Someone chose YOU to lead. The person you are replacing was terminated or transferred. A huge problem occurred because that person lacked the ability to lead effectively. And, the someone who chose YOU, believes YOU can lead effectively.

You have questions. “How do I proceed?” “What if I fail?” “What if I succeed?” “What does success look like?” “What if the staff will not follow me?” “What if I have to rebuild the entire team?”

As someone who, many times, has been that person expected to turn around an unproductive team, allow me to share the basic process that guided my success.

1st: Ask the person who chose YOU these questions. (A) “In your view, what is the main issue causing the team’s lack of performance?” (B) “In your view, what does success look like, both short term and long term?” (C) “What resources can I count on in order to turn this team around?” Get specific answers, as this is how YOU will be judged.

2nd: Address the team as a group. Share the expectations that you have for the team. Let them know that you will be doing one-on-one interviews with each team member over the next few days. Let them know that their input is important. And, that in these discussions, the information they share will remain private, if that is what they prefer.

3rd: In your one-on-one discussions, ask the same basic open-ended questions. Encourage them to share both their feelings and experiences. (A) “How would you describe the problems keeping the team from meeting it’s goals?” (B) “What recommendation do you have to help the team get back on track?”  (C) “What part will you play in helping the team teach it’s goals?” (D) “May I count on you to be part of the solution, not part of the problem? Take notes. These will be helpful going forward.

4th: Devise your plan, with specific milestones, to help you move this team forward. This plan must be designed to meet and/or exceed all team expectations. Communicate both the plan and these milestones with your supervisor. That person can be a great asset for you if he/she knows what you are doing, and, what to expect.

5th: Execute your plan, getting the buy-in from the team members. People want to participate in a winning team. Show them HOW to win. Be decisive! And, LEAD!

Remember, this is your opportunity to excel, bringing your team, your boss, and yourself the opportunity to “WIN!”

“If Not You…Then, Who?”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 4/26/24 “Are We Reaping What We Have Sown?”

Morning Minute 4/26/24:

“Are We Reaping What We Have Sown?”

Actions, Reactions, and Inactions have consequences.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s America experienced massive cultural change. The sexual revolution was in full swing. “Free love” was being championed due to “the pill.” Marijuana and LSD were commonplace and accepted. At Woodstock we mixed sex, drugs, plus Rock ‘N Roll. There were disruptive demonstrations and riots due to the Vietnam War. Plus, Marxist community organizers were just getting started.

In the 1980’s, after the Vietnam War, the youngsters who were organizing and protesting grew up, becoming university professors. These folks held anti-American views and began teaching the wonders of Communism. These parents, in an effort to make the world “fair” started awarding participation trophies to the kids, instead of for winning performances. Kids learned that drugs were OK, and that America was bad!

In the 1990’s, community organizers, with their affinity for Marxism, began shaking down businesses for money, or be labeled as racists. The push for legalized marijuana gained steam across the country. The kids who received their participation trophies were now teaching a new generation, about how evil Capitalism must give way to the wonders of Communism. New recreational drugs were commonplace with both adults and kids. And Hollywood made movies celebrating violence, sex, pleasure, and drugs.

In the 2000’s, more new and dangerous drugs like crack cocaine and ice were finding their way here. The attacks on September 11, 2001 shook us to our core igniting a new wave of America patriotism. However, by the end of the decade, we elected our 1st black president, who had been one those 1970’s community organizers. Our college professors and high school teachers rewrote the history books in order to teach children the wonders of modern Communism and how that Capitalism discriminated against all non-whites. Politicians were pitting Americans against each other.

In the 2010’s, our teachers continued sharing their Marxist views with our kids. Starting in kindergarten, and continuing through the entire educational system, kids learned how awful that America was. The parents who grew up in the 2000’s turned the training of their kids over to the education “experts.” There was a lack of discipline or parental involvement, coupled with no accountability for the kids. Marijuana, now more potent than the weed of the 1960’s, was legal is many states, making it easier to get high.    

In the 2020’s we had a pandemicshutting down our economy and our schools. Learning became almost non-existent as our educational systems crashed and businesses failed. We legitimized “Drag Queens” teaching our children, and opened our border to millions of illegals and fentanyl. Plus, we legitimized child mutilation.

And now, we wonder why American children who, having never been trained in American exceptionalism, nor the greatness of America, are rioting, destroying property, and calling for the extermination of all Jews.

We are, in fact: “Reaping What We Have Sown!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.