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Week of 1/17/23

Week of 1/17/2023


“How do you communicate?”

The responsibility for someone receiving and understanding what you are sharing with them, belongs to you…the person who is sharing. Once you accept that the responsibility is yours, you realize that you need various ways of communicating.

Sharing information, whether you are teaching a class, sending a message, or creating a commercial, requires 3 actions to be effective. Most people need to see and/or hear the message 3 times before they remember it.  Stated simply, you must tell them what you will telling them, share the information you promised, and tell them what you told them.

·         Teaching a Class: Classes start with an outline. The class material follows the outline. The summary at the end restates the main points they need to learn. That’s 3 times.

·         Sending a Message: To ensure someone gets and understands your message, leave a voicemail, send a text, and follow-up with an email. That’s 3 times.

·         Creating an Advertisement: Effective ads start with a promise, show how the promise benefits the buyer, and restates the promise. That’s 3 times.

In each case, the person receiving the information gets it 3 times…so that the message is delivered and understood. Let’s explore some communication examples.

“Hey, I told them what to do!” This assumes that the person receiving the information hears you, understands you, and realizes the importance of what you told them. When telling them verbally, tell them what you want, tell them why it is important, and have them share it back in their own words.

“Hey, I sent them a text!” This assumes that the person receives and reads the text, and realizes the importance of the message. If you don’t receive a response, send it again. If still no response, then call them.

“Hey, I sent them a video!” First, did they receive the video? Send a text or email to confirm. Then, did they understand the video? If the video did not share the message 3 times and/or 3 ways, the recipient may not understand it. Follow up with a call, text or email to ensure they received and understand your message.

In closing, allow me to quote William A. Ward on the differences in teachers: “A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher inspires!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 1/20/2023 What's in Your Kid's History?


“What’s in your kid’s history?”

Recently the College Board, the organization that runs the SAT tests, and advance placement courses where these students can earn early college credit, advanced a new course, an AP African American Studies (APAAS). This course was being offered to 60 high schools in the U.S. as a pilot. If all goes well during this test year, it would be offered to all schools for the 2023-24 school year.

Although this course has received lots of publicity, the College Board has not released the course curriculum. They also did not release the names of the 60 high schools. This program has been completely shrouded in secrecy.

Last Summer the New York Times stated “The College Board is jumping into the fray over how to teach the history of race in the United States with a new Advanced Placement course and exam that will be tried out in 60 high schools this Fall…The College Board declined to release a sample syllabus or other content for the course, or to name the 60 schools, or say what states they were located in.”  The Times quoted Dr. Henry Gates (the main party in the Obama era “Beer Summit Incident”). Dr. Gates said that he was “sincerely hoping” that the course would not ignore teaching about controversial subjects like critical race theory or the 1619 Project. It teaches both.

This APAAS history course shares the author’s view that pushes for a socialist transformation of the United States. The APAAS recommends reading the writings of CRT advocates. It pushes socialist radicalism instead of teaching history. And the course contains virtually NO readings providing even a liberal point of view…much less conservatism. It promotes socialism from start to finish.

Folks, it’s bad enough that college students are being indoctrinated with this garbage. With this action, the College Board has assumed the role of a national school board pushing socialist, Marxist teachings into our high schools using secrecy to conceal their intentions.

The time to stop this is NOW. Contact your School Boards to keep APAAS out of your high schools. Attend school board meetings to hold the members accountable. Recall those who resist. Contact the principals and insist on seeing the history they are teaching.

The fact that all this was done behind closed doors in secret shows the dastardly intent of the College Board. Remember, “Democracy dies in darkness.” You know what to do.

That is today’s Morning Minute.

(Click HERE for more information on this from Townhall Magazine)