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Week of 11/7/22

Morning Minute 11.7.22: What is holding you back?

(11/07/22) Morning Minute:

“What is holding you back?”

William was born in a small town in Alabama, the youngest of 3 children. They had very little.

His older brother was severely injured in high school and never fully recovered. Then his father’s business failed. Shortly thereafter his father began to drink…a lot. He would become violent and abusive. During these drunken episodes, William would sleep outside in the family car or on the roof of their house. His Mother did all she could to keep the family together.

Eventually, their house was foreclosed and his parents divorced. He and his mother stayed with relatives or friends as they could not afford rent. Despite these issues, William was an honors student and football star in high school.

After high school William applied to the University of Alabama. Just as he was to enroll his Pell Grant was delayed. The university required $550 to enroll. Both he and his mother were turned down for loans. He was devastated feeling that he would never play for Alabama. With nowhere else to turn he prayed to God for an answer. The answer came the next day in the form of a pre-approved $1000 Discover card. He paid $550 for his tuition and $450 for his rent. To save money, he and his mother rented a small apartment with one bed. They shared that same bed for several years.

At Alabama there were 45 “walk-on” athletes trying to make the team. He was 1 of 2 who succeeded. Everywhere the team went he and his camera recorded these events. He progressed but was not a stand-out player. In time he received an athletic scholarship. Now his mother could get a place of her own.

After college he was a graduate assistant for several years, then an assistant coach. He was fired a few years later when a new head coach was hired. He spent the next two years working in Birmingham. During this time, he reconciled with his father and helped him stop drinking and turn his life around.

In 2003, he was recruited to become an assistant coach at a major college. He accepted the job as head coach several years later. You all will recognize William. He is Dabo Swinney, head football coach at Clemson University.

“What is holding you back?” Is it your family history, where you were born, your lack of education? Stop making excuses. Decide what you want. Then work hard to achieve it!

And, that is today’s Morning Minute!

Morning Minute 11.9.22 History of Veteran's Day

(11/09/22) Morning Minute:

Veteran’s Day 2022

Two days from now we will honor all past and present military veterans here in the United States. It might benefit us to learn how this holiday came to be celebrated.

World War I officially ended in 1918 on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of that year. In the United States that day became known as “Armistice Day.” In 1926, Congress passed a resolution designating November 11 of each year as “Armistice Day.” Several years later Congress declared that day each year be celebrated as a national holiday.

The first World War was supposed to be the “War to end all Wars.” However, that idea was shattered when World War II erupted in Europe in 1939. Four hundred seven thousand American military personnel were killed during that war. To honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice “Armistice Day” was changed “Veteran’s Day.”

In 1947, the first Veteran’s Day celebration was organized by Raymond Weeks, a WWII veteran. Mr. Weeks sponsored a celebration and parade in Birmingham, Alabama on Veteran’s Day to honor all past and present veterans of all the military branches. Over the next several years this celebration of our nation’s veterans spread throughout the United States.

As we approach Veteran’s Day 2022, please consider the many sacrifices made, not only by the citizens who have served or are serving in the military, but also by the families who support their service. We Americans are free today because of the men and women who fight our wars, protect our homeland and its citizens, and endure long separations from their families, the risk of horrible injuries or death, and the emotional scars that never fade away completely. These heroes deserve our love, our respect, and our support. 

It is with their service and sacrifices in mind that I respectfully request, as you enjoy this holiday on November 11, 2022, you pause your celebration for just a short while. Say a prayer for these heroes and their families. Buy a veteran a meal. Take the time when you encounter these wonderful warriors to stop, thank them, and shake their hand. By letting them know that their service and sacrifices are appreciated by all Americans, we ensure that there will always be those who place service above self as they defend our country, our citizens, and our American way of life.

May God bless America!

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 11.11.22: Why Veteran's Day Matters

(11/11/22) Morning Minute:

Today, we are going a little off script.

She wrote, “I am extremely offended!”

We received that comment from a highly “educated” woman concerning my previous article about the history of Veterans Day in America. Rather than engage in pointless conversation with her, attempting to change her mind, her statement made me reflect on why someone would object to supporting and honoring our service men and women.

During the Vietnam War, those who objected to the war set about to dishonor those serving our country in our military services. Those in uniform were heckled, belittled, and harassed in public. Protestors burned and desecrated our flag. Government buildings were ransacked and burned. Those war protestors became parents and taught their hatred of the military to their children. We even had a future presidential candidate and a celebrity actress give aid and support to our enemy as they dishonored themselves.

Prior to that war, most colleges had mandatory ROTC basic military training for male freshman and sophomore students. The US Army received thousands of draftees every year to ensure that we would have enough personnel to fight the “next war.” And, there will always be a “next war.” After Vietnam, due to the unpopularity of the military, these ROTC programs were scaled back drastically and the draft discontinued to make way for an “All-Volunteer Army!”

The children of those war protestors became teachers, politicians, journalists, and lobbyists. The most recent generation of children in schools and colleges are not even taught true American history. They are not held accountable for their behavior. They received participation trophies they did not earn. And, they never learned to respect our country, our flag, or our Constitution. Many have no use for God, His commandments, or the Bible.

I have no knowledge of which part of my previous article offended that woman. She must understand, however, that well over one million service people have made the ultimate sacrifice to give her the freedoms she enjoys. It is my prayer, that in time, she will come to understand that her freedom is not free. It was purchased with the blood of many patriots who came before her. And it will continue to be purchased by those patriots who serve now and will serve in the future.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute for Veteran’s Day, 2022.