Week of 1/22/24

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Morning Minute 1/23/24

“How Do You View…WISDOM?”

In thinking about WISDOM, whom do you picture as a wise person? (pause)

Why did you choose that person? (pause)

Most people assume that Wisdom and Knowledge are one and the same.

However, a basic definition of WISDOM is: “The application of information.”

Thus, someone who has knowledge, who can apply that knowledge to solve problems and/or improve lives, is viewed as a wise person. However, to really understand WISDOM, we need to go a bit deeper.

After gaining knowledge, Wisdom requires several specific actions to make good use of that knowledge. Let’s examine each action required for success.

DISCERNMENT: This function equips wise people to know and understand when and how to use knowledge to solve problems, create innovation, and take advantage of opportunities. It is not simply what you know. It is discerning if, how, and when to use what you know, to create a desired result.

ANTICIPATION: Wise people use what they know, while reviewing any additional available information. They preview available options, as they anticipate results and issues that may occur, based on the decisions that they make.

ANALYSIS: As they analyze possible options, Wisdom requires the preparation of various action plans based on those anticipated results and issues. Many plans have failed due to not having a plan of action ready for when these results or issues arise.

ACTION: Having superior knowledge and terrific plans will not create success if no action is taken. Even great plans will fail if they are never implemented. Knowledge without action is not Wisdom. It is simply entertainment!

For example:

Early in the American Civil War, the Union Army possessed many more soldiers and much equipment than the Rebel Army. They were much more mobile with ability to move quickly using railroads, wagons, and horses. Union General McClellan was a terrific planner and strategist. Yet, because he would not act decisively, he was beaten badly by General Lee who led the Rebel Army. Lee discerned the battlefield, anticipated every move that McClellan would make, and defeated the Union Army repeatedly. Having all the planning and tools necessary to win, will not create success, unless the leader commits to and executes the necessary actions to win!   

In summary, Wisdom is the application of knowledge, by someone who uses that knowledge, with discernment, anticipation, and analysis. And, who is decisive enough to execute the actions necessary to create success.

“How Do You View…WISDOM?”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 1/26/24 "Elevate Yourself by Solving Problems!

Morning Minute 1/26/24

“Elevate Yourself by Solving Problems!”

Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Do you want to change the image that others have of you?

You need a personal transformation. But first, a true story.

Henry was born in Texarkana, Texas. He attended the US Naval Academy, then served in the Navy. After his military career, Henry entered the business world, being hired as an IBM salesman. He requested an assignment to their worst territory, Dallas, Texas. That was where Henry would sell computers.

In a very short time, Henry quickly became the top IBM computer salesperson. He was so successful, that in his 5th year, Henry sold his entire yearly quota in just 19 days! Years later, he started his own computer company, EDS. That company was so successful he would later sell it to General Motors for $700M. In 1992, he would run for President. We know this overachiever as Henry “Ross” Perot.

What was the key to jump starting Perot’s career? He offered to do something no one else wanted to do; sell computers in IBM’s worst territory. Henry solved his boss’s problem, launching his own successful career.

There is a way to achieve transformation in your career, while positively changing the way that others see you. Offer to help someone else. Do them a favor by helping them solve a problem. This must be done as an offer from you, to them, with no strings attached. Ross Perot insisted on going to Dallas when no one else would accept the challenge. That favor, coupled with his performance, began his personal success.  

This process also works outside of business. If you are having difficulty with a friend or family member, volunteer to help them with a project or a problem. Do so happily, with no strings attached. Your offer of service, whether they accept it or not, can begin healing your relationship.

If you are in a church or service organization, offer to assist on a committee or project. If they need a leader, offer to help by taking the leadership role. Your successful efforts will pay big dividends for you. Plus, you will be both appreciated and respected.

Pastor Dave Martin, from Detroit Michigan, recently shared: “When you make things happen for others, God will make things happen for you!” New opportunities will open for you. Plus, those people whom you assist will respect you and want to help you as well.

So, remember to elevate yourself, by helping others solve a problem, Do them a favor, without expecting anything in return.

Then, let God open doors for you, in your life!

That is today’s Morning Minute.