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Week of 2/26/24

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Morning Minute 2/27/24:

“What is “your truth?”

Complicated question, right?

Since the beginning of time humans have been on a never ending search for truth. And it seems that every time we think we know the truth, something changes. We learn that what we thought was true, is not.

For many centuries, we thought the world was flat. We thought that man would never fly. We assumed that polio was incurable…that it was a death sentence. And yet, the more we learn, we understand that there is so much more that we have to learn.

So then, how does “the truth” differ from “your truth?”

There are many who profess that humans can choose between what is known, truth, and what one chooses to believe, your truth. Why do two people look at the same thing, and see it differently? Is it possible that what both can be right?

For instance, when one person sees danger, another sees opportunity. Many people shared the impossibility of building the Panama canal due to the topography of the land, the rampant diseases in the area, and the lack of materials. Others perceived that connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans was not only doable but worth the investment in currency, material, and lives.

That example showcases the different paradigms of the 2 groups. A paradigm is the lens that your mind employs as you consume information. It creates your point of view. Both groups looked at the same facts. But, because they saw the situation differently, they got different results.

One thing is absolutely the truth. That is that a Supreme Being created all the universes, including everything and everyone in them. That Being possesses the power to create both energy and matter. And, that Being made them out of whatever else he created. That Supreme Being is God!

No matter how we view something, not our opinion nor our paradigm, not what we believe nor what we disbelieve, that Supreme Being created both the various materials, the various forms of energy, and the processes to bring all these things together. This is not “my truth.” It is simply “the truth.”

So, the next time you hear a man declare that he is a woman, or a woman declare she is a man, remember this. They will declare that this is “my truth,” But it is only a myth shared by misguided people who believes that they are God. Then pray that they will be forgiven by the One who created all things.

“What is “your truth?”

That is today’s morning Minute.

Morning Minute 3/1/24 Why Following Up is Mandatory!

Morning Minute 3/01/24:

“Why Following Up is Mandatory!”

They left an open trench, 5 feet deep, in my backyard!

A construction crew dug this huge trench. This open pit extended from our yard, around a lake, into another yard. This began their comedy of errors.

A cable firm, had this huge trench dug to replace one of their cables. While digging they cut an underground power line. The power company arrived to repair the break.

Overnight, a huge rain storm filled the trench with water. The construction crew had not installed proper barriers to prevent children from playing in the ditch. When I called the company, I was told that they had not dug the trench. Later, their VP called to apologize. The next day their crew installed a fence around their trench.

Later, I called to see when the trench would be filled in. I was told the power company needed to redo their repair. After multiple calls, the power company finished this repair. As they filled in the trench, the cable company left a huge mound of dirt next to the lake. Plus, they did not replace the bushes preventing silt from washing into the lake.

Two weeks later, I met a construction foreman from the power company. He shared that the two previous line repairs did not meet code so they would have to install a new underground power line. He said the work would require more digging in my yard, and that the repair would take 10 days. He promised their landscaper would be out the week following the installation to repair my yard. That was several weeks ago. Neither the cable company, nor the power company have finished. I will continue to follow up..

I am not sharing this story to gain sympathy. It highlights how all follow-up must be recorded, and used to make people accountable in order to get tasks accomplished.

When a problem occurs, here are the required steps.

(1st) Identify exactly what the problem is, and what liabilities or dangers have been created by the problem. Start writing notes immediately. They will be your guide to who, when, and how to fix the problem.

(2nd) Make a list of all the parties involved along with their phone numbers and emails.

(3rd) Assign responsibility for getting tasks completed. Note who made commitments. When you follow up with these people, they understand that you expect action and communication. If their commitments are not met, use your notes to affect compliance.

(4th) Continuously update your notes, communicating with the responsible parties, until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

This process, used properly, will make you more effective. Plus, it encourages initiative and responsibility in your team members.

And, it gets things done!

That is today’s Morning Minute.