Week of 8/15/22

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Larry A Bonorato


Duty, Honor, Service… we will examine these individually for the next few morning minutes.

Duty describes the tasks and responsibilities associated with the role that you currently have. For example, as a father it is my duty to provide for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of my children. My duty at work is to train current and future leaders as well as helping team members understand and perform the duties associated with their roles. As a member of a non-profit service organization, it is my duty to promote the aims of that organization for the benefit of the members and those that they serve in the community.

Each role that you fill has certain tasks and responsibilities…duties, associated with it. The more successful you are in the execution of those duties, the more fulfillment that you will derive from them and the more you will grow as a responsible member of society. And, that is today’s morning minute!  

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DUTY...HONOR...SERVICE (Part 2) August 17, 2022

On Monday we examined “Duty.”

Today, Wednesday, we will discuss “Honor.”


My first exposure to "Honor” was in the Ten Commandments: “Honor your Father and Mother!”  That verb, “Honor,” implies that one is held in great respect, where the noun, “Honor,” denotes the great respect that one has for another. Both the noun and the verb indicate that the “someone” is deserving of honor.

We honor people who display the qualities to which we all should aspire to copy. Those include not only great leaders or famous individuals but ordinary people who live their lives with a strong code of ethics and take responsibility for their actions…most of whom do not seek either fame or glory. These are individuals who give us all something to respect; who raise responsible children, who participate in making their communities better, and whose families and communities are much better due to their deeds and their example. They take their duties seriously and by doing so they are deserving of the honor they receive.

Duty and Honor are 2 sides of the same coin. You find both of these qualities in true leaders, both great and small, both men and women. And, they are the qualities that we must demand from all our leaders. And that is today’s morning minute! 

Larry Bonorato is a personal coach and mentor, and the author of WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME.

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Part 3:  August 19, 2022

Monday, we discussed “Duty.”

Wednesday, we discussed “Honor.”

Today, let’s look at “Service.”

At that Last Supper on Holy Thursday, Jesus did something that was quite unexpected. He grabbed a bowl of water and a towel and proceeded to wash the feet of his apostles. When He came to Simon Peter, the apostle who would be the leader of the Christian Church after the Resurrection, Peter stated that he would not allow Jesus to wash his feet. Jesus replied “Unless I wash your feet you will have no part with me.” Peter replied, Then, Lord, not just my feet, but my head and hands as well!” With this effort, Jesus showed us that we must serve others, regardless of our status, income, or title. His message of service was clearly visible for all present there in that room and for all of us throughout the years since.

This perfect example of service demonstrates the necessity for all of us to serve others, helping them grow in knowledge and skill, so that their lives may be enriched for having been associated with us. Serving others also gives us a sense of worth and the fulfillment that our lives have meaning and worth. Being of service as we perform the duties for which we are responsible, honors not only the people we serve, it gives others a reason to honor us.

We serve many roles in our families, our occupations, and our associations. Each of these roles gives us the opportunity both to serve and to be served. Whether we serve or are being served, do so with grace, humility, and appreciation for the opportunities we share with others and the opportunities that others share with us.

Duty, Honor, and Service should guide our interactions and our relationships. Together with Love they are the keys to a successful life regardless of our income, possessions, title, or occupation. And, these qualities help us to assist others to be more, do more, and achieve more.

May God bless you and your families!  Please share this message with others.

Have a great weekend!   

Larry Bonorato is the author of WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME which is available on AMAZON.