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Week of 10/09/23

Morning Minute: 10/10/23

“How Do You Improve Your Results?”

Sports teams review film to improve performances in preparation for the next game.

Our military uses “After Action Reports” to improve their strategy, their timing, their personnel, and their tactics.

The 9-11 Commission examined all available evidence, in order to ascertain why these attacks happened, and how to prepare to prevent them in the future.

Whether your team’s results fall short of expectations, or you want to improve on their winning performances, you need a method to analyze what happened.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and your team to analyze mistakes and initiate improvements.   

WHAT: Exactly what happened? What was your desired result? What should have happened that did not happen? What went right? What went wrong? Was there a better result you could have achieved as opposed to your stated objective?

WHO: Who was involved in the plan? Were the right people doing the correct jobs? Who was in charge, or should have been in charge? Did you have enough people to complete the job? Were they properly trained and equipped?

WHEN: Closely examine the timing of your actions. Was the proper sequence of events followed to ensure success? Were the necessary actions started and completed when required? Was there a better time to execute your plan? Was enough time allowed for the achievement of your goals?

WHERE: Was the location where your planned actions occurred, the best place to achieve the successful completion of your plan? Was there a better location that would have created better results? Were all your team members where they should have been to ensure success?

WHY: Why did you choose this objective? Why did you succeed? Why did your plan fail? Why is improvement required for future actions to achieve better results?

HOW: How did your plan achieve or fail to achieve your objectives? How can your plan, team, or actions improve in order to create greater success? How did your leadership contribute to, or detract from, your team’s success?

This is just a sample of the many questions requiring answers as you watch film, evaluate results, interview people, and seek to improve on your past performance. This examination is necessary to create a more favorable environment for greater success.

Plus, these actions must be undertaken, for both team improvement, and for your own personal improvement.

“How Do You Improve Your Results?”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 10/13/23 Now We See Our Real Domestic Terrorists!

Morning Minute: 10/13/23

“Now We See…Our Real Domestic Terrorists!”

Both Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandi were able to inspire lasting political change using non-violent demonstrations and civil disobedience. We applaud their example of how to defeat HATE, with LOVE, instead of with violence.  

However, recently, we’ve seen videos of the hate-filled acts committed by Hamas terrorists. We heard the stories from the festival attendees who escaped, and those who had to deal with the carnage afterward. We listened to the stories from Israelis, who received videos from these terrorists, sent to them on the phones of their captured family members, as they were tortured, raped, or murdered.

The time has come to identify and root out those Domestic Terrorists here in the USA who support these acts of Torture, Murder, and Depravity.

First, let’s identify the members of Congress who are supporting these terrorists. They have shown their true allegiance. Quick action must be undertaken to censure these members, strip them of their committee assignments, and inform their constituents of their support for terrorists. Since they are all democrats, every democrat official in the country must be asked, on the record, whether or not they support the actions of those members.

Our southern border with Mexico must be closed immediately. If our current leaders will not take this immediate action, we must assume they side with the terrorists, and remove them.

Other actions required of our government must include…  

1. 1)   Refilling our Strategic Petroleum Reserve which is now at a dangerously low level. Reinvigorate our domestic fuel exploration and production that is the lifeblood of our armed forces and our economy. This will reduce the world price of oil depriving Russia and Iran of much of their income derived from selling oil.

2.  2)  Immediately ramp up our production of war materials so that we have the equipment to fight wars on multiple fronts. Put our country on a war footing.

3.  3)  The elimination of the “WOKE” orientation in our military and the dismissal of any officer who supports it, no matter their rank.

4. 4)   Return to isolating Iran in order to prevent their support for terrorist proxies around the world. Iran must NOT be allowed to create an atomic weapon.

Many colleges allow groups supporting the Hamas terrorists, even agreeing with their horrible atrocities. These Domestic Terrorist groups must be de-platformed and banned from school properties. Those students participating in these groups must be censured or expelled. Their federal student loans must be terminated and called due for immediate payment. All college employees, including professors, who encourage, promote, or support these groups must be terminated. Any institution that does not take these actions must no longer be eligible to receive any federal funding, federal research contracts, nor will their students be eligible for future student loans.

Both Antifa and BLM are Domestic Terrorist groups actively supporting the terrorists who committed these atrocities. Even their charters call for support of communism and the overthrow of our Constitutional government. They must be banned as the Domestic Terrorist organizations they are, with their leaders and members hunted down with the same zeal as was used against the January 6th attendees.

American companies who have supported or given donations to BLM or Antifa must either renounce their support or be blacklisted from doing business with our federal government. Giving aid and support to these Domestic Terrorists cannot be tolerated.  

In conclusion, we all yearn to follow the advice of the late Bob Marley: “One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel alright!” Until then, we must ask God for His assistance to help us defeat these Foreign and Domestic Terrorists.

We must make the world safer again as we promote a peace, which can only be achieved through God’s intercession, and a strong United States of America.

That is today’s Morning Minute.

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